The need for bible teaching

One of my main concerns today is peoples attitudes towards church, the word of God and life in general. There seems to be very little commitment to the local church today, people hop from church to church to get the latest message and the latest songs. But what God wants for us is that we put down root somewhere firstly that we can be blessed as people sow into our lives but then so we can be a blessing to others.

Bible study seems to be a thing of the past, we claim to study the bible but we are often ignorant of what the bible say about a whole host of topics. We accept what others tell us without question and without checking it our for ourselves. In reality we need to know and understand the bible for ourselves because in the end it is our eternal souls that are hanging ion the balance.

So I wanted to share some in depth bible course with you and we can study the word of God together, we will let the bible speak for itself, you can ask questions, there will be video lessons and notes so we can learn and grow in our faith and in the knowledge of God.


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  1. ” The need For Bible Teaching ” I could not agree any more with your comments.
    Keep on saving those whom Gods sends to you and also all those who want to be saved.
    Many blessings to you and to your family the church..

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