Authority of the Believer

One of the oldest doctrines in the word of God is the Authority of the Believer. It is vitally important to understand our authority if we are to defeat the devil and walk in victory over all the works of the enemy.   Do Not Click “take this course” unless you have signed up as […]

Word of God

This is a free course… One of the most fundamental lessons you will learn as you study the bible is the importance and power of the word of God. Everything in life hinges on your understanding of the word of God… It will determine whether you will succeed or fail in life. Do Not Press […]

Principles of Faith

Faith is something that as believers we need to understand… Heb. 11:6 says without faith it is impossible to please God, we cannot please Him but also we cannot have our needs met… In this course we will understand what faith is, how it works and how we can work our faith… Do Not Press […]

Ministry of Helps

The ministry of helps is a valid ministry within the body of Christ. Unfortunately most people are looking for a pulpit ministry without realising that God promotes those with a servant heart… This is developed through the ministry of helps… Do Not Press “take this course” unless you have signed up as a free member […]


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